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Cultivate beta users into a lasting community with access + Discord

Your virtual community hub

We'll set up a dedicated, virtual place for you and your beta users to gather, get updates and get to know each other.  We can also connect your existing Discord server to your fundraiser, if you already have one.

Optimize community interaction

We'll help you with category & channel setup so you can use text channels, real-time voice chats, custom emojis and private messaging to drive personalized and engaging community interactions.​

Streamline community management

We'll set up bots & third-party apps to help with moderation and automation so you can build a safe, efficient, and feature-rich community environment.​

Customized member roles

We'll define roles for different members in your organization with varying levels of access and permissions.  Fostering a structured environment and ensuring that members only have access to what's relevant to them.

Empower NFT holders

We'll empower your fundraiser's NFT holders by granting them exclusive access to channels, special roles, and unique permissions. Recognizing their contributions & making them feel valued within your server.

Build a referral engine

Leverage the Panxpan bot in Discord to boost your fundraiser's reach.  Display leaderboards, progress bars, automated donation notifications and celebratory messages to drive fundraiser engagement.  Offer exclusive NFTs to top promoters to push referrals.

Drive community with Discord


Community of animal lovers looking to prioritize their pet's health & strengthen their unique relationship

Boba Talks

Non profit helping students with early career/life ambiguities through mentorship & events

Mental Health

A community server that strives to be a safe haven for all those that struggle with mental health

Meditation Mind

A global community providing a non-judgmental space for those practicing meditation and mindfulness

Example Discord Servers

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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

Our fundraisers are powered by NFTs, access & Discord

Digital collectible

​Fundraise by finding observers interested in your project & give them a digital collectible (NFT).  This serves as their membership card and unlocks the access you'll offer.

Offer access

​Offer levels of access based on contribution amount.  Gate access to special features, early release, events, premium support, swag or other organizational experiences via your fundraiser's NFTs.


​Cultivate members into a community of beta users with Discord.  Push fundraiser engagement even further with Panxpan's Discord bot which will help you identify and reward top influencers.

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