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Setting up Discord to Maximize Community Engagement

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

In a digital age dominated by social media platforms, Discord has emerged as a powerful tool for building and nurturing online communities. With over 250 million unique users per month, this versatile chat app has transcended its gaming roots to become a vital hub for communication and engagement across sports, web3, local community groups and organizations of all types. In this article, we'll explore the key steps to create an inviting, safe, and thriving environment for your community. By implementing effective branding, channel design, and moderation strategies, you can foster a sense of camaraderie and ownership that sets your server apart from the rest. So let's dive in and unlock the full potential of Discord as a platform for cultivating community engagement and meaningful interaction.

The article is broken down into three sections. First we'll explore how to set up your left nav which includes the categories & channels that your users will engage with. Second we'll look at bots and how they can be used in your server. And finally we'll take a look at Dicord roles and what you can do with them.

Discord Left Nav (Categories & Channels)

Every Discord server is its own kingdom, and to keep communities engaged and orderly, administrators need to establish guidelines and create an organized structure. This article will explore how to set up the left nav, including categories and channels, in your Discord server to maximize community engagement.

  1. Establish Clear Rules and Guidelines: Start by creating a set of regulations that members must observe. Some rules to help maintain a healthy community include prohibiting spamming, harassment, sharing adult content, and gossip. Clearly display these rules in the server so members are aware of what is expected.

  2. Customize Your Community: One of the pivotal draws to a Discord server is the ability to curate a group that meets your needs. Utilize categories and channels to organize information flow and create an excellent communication platform. Focus on building channel spaces that amplify your community's uniqueness, such as a channel for discussing content creation or sharing pet pictures.

  3. Expand Channels Over Time: You'll likely start be creating channels for general chat topics, events, and paid members. But as you find conversations focusing on certain topics more often, create more specific channels to help focus these discussions and enhance user engagement

  4. Add Custom Emoji: Enhance your server's uniqueness by adding up to 50 custom emojis for members to use. Custom emojis can represent your community and make your server more appealing.

  5. Efficient Customer Support: Create a customer service channel to handle queries and ensure members' concerns are resolved quickly. Prompt and efficient support can boost customer satisfaction and engagement.

  6. Generate Excitement: New announcements each week can keep your community engaged. Examples of exciting announcements include freebies, roadmap progress, airdrops, and community updates. Giveaways are especially effective in attracting members to your server.

  7. Host Frequent AMAs: Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions are an excellent tactic for attracting and retaining people in your server. These events allow people to engage with project developers and boost trust within the community.

  8. Interact with the Community Daily: Cover various subjects during your interactions, such as giveaway updates, current project stats, and shoutouts to key team members. Regular interaction helps members feel valued and encourages their continued participation.

  9. Encourage Conversation: Utilize tools like the Question of the Day bot to spark daily activity and discussions. Solicit submissions from users for other communications, such as fan art, listener photos, and testimonials.

  10. Offer Incentives: Increase engagement by offering giveaways, exclusive content, or early access to new features. Ensure members get value every time they return to the chat by sharing news, resources, or simply being available to answer questions.

Using these steps and adapting them to your specific community, you can create an engaging and well-organized Discord server that keeps members active and satisfied. Remember, the goal of any Discord server is to maintain a delicate balance between structure and casual interaction.

Discord Bots

Discord bots play a pivotal role in maximizing community engagement, ensuring smooth server operations, and fostering a vibrant and organized environment. Let's explore various ways you can use bots to enhance your Discord server's experience.

  1. Utilizing Bots for Moderation and Automation: Moderation becomes more manageable with Discord bots that can automatically flag suspicious and harmful content. These bots can perform tasks such as welcoming new members, deleting spammers, and ejecting violators of community rules. Activate bots when you're not available to ensure your server runs smoothly 24/7.

  2. Token Gating, Access and Adminstration: Discord bots provide essential server capabilities, including access and management. If you want to NFT gate certain channels or your entire server, there's bots for that too. Top bots can be found at Basic functionality is provided free of charge, with additional features available for a fee. Popular Discord bots include MEE6, Dyno, Discord Translator, Sesh, and MemberCount.

  3. Encouraging Conversation and Participation: Implement bots like the Question of the Day bot to spark daily activity and keep your community engaged. Organize events such as Jackbox streams, pub-style trivia, and presentation parties to foster relationships and offer a fun experience for your members. Or use programmed bots to solve simple mathematical questions for members.

Discord bots play an essential role in building and maintaining a vibrant, engaged, and well-organized community. By implementing bots, creating appropriate channels, and encouraging conversation and participation, you can maximize community engagement and foster an enjoyable experience for your Discord server members.

Discord Roles

Roles in Discord servers play a vital function in maintaining an organized, engaging, and safe community for members. Members and roles show up in the right nav of your Discord server. There are a lot of settings you can use to assign roles but its best to start simple and then expand role complexity over time. Next we'll explore how roles can be effectively used to enhance the experience of your Discord server and ensure a healthy, thriving community.

  1. Importance of Moderators: Moderators are the backbone of your Discord server, ensuring the community runs smoothly and adheres to guidelines. Investing in a solid team of moderators is crucial, as they manage the frontlines of your server and maintain a respectful, friendly environment. Assign special permissions to your moderators, such as the ability to delete messages or kick people out of channels.

  2. Roles for Maintaining Community Guidelines: Assigning roles to trusted community members ensures that social guidelines are met, and discussions remain respectful. These individuals can help monitor conversations and maintain a positive environment for all members.

  3. Service Roles for Community Members: Reward helpful community members by assigning them service roles with designated tasks, such as "biographical researcher" or "iPhone app tester." This not only acknowledges their contribution but also encourages them to continue participating actively in the community.

  4. Creating VIP Roles: Custom roles can be assigned to users, allowing them to stand out with unique colors or character assignments. These roles can help identify VIP community members and make them feel valued within the server. Roles can also be granted for completing specific tasks or purchasing items related to your community.

At Panxpan we set up Discord servers for many of our new fundraising partners. Once a NFT fundraiser is kicked off, they use the Discord server to build a sense of community amongst fundraiser participants. We also NFT gate various Discord channels to only participants with NFTs from the given fundraiser. As we set up new servers for organizations we use these best practices of left nav structure, bots and roles to help them maximize community engagement. If you are interested in learning more about Panxpan's NFT fundraisers you can do so here or you can start a new NFT fundraiser here. We hope these lessons will help you with your own Discord servers.


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