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Start with your community or leverage online ads to raise awareness.  Then, use Discord & influencers to maximize reach.

Push to Panxpan member base

While Panxpan fundraisers aren't featured on our home page, we ensure to email our members every time we launch a new fundraiser.  This exposes your cause or project to our NFT-interested audience, increasing visibility.

Outreach to PR outlets

Amid the growing interest in new web3 developments, we'll collaborate with you to tap into our network of online news outlets and aim to secure press coverage for your fundraiser.

Boost via advertising

Boost your campaign with customizable advertising through your Dashboard.  Set your budget, and our team will handle implementing the Google Ad Network campaigns while providing weekly performance reports for data-driven investment optimization.

Share and spark conversations

Share your fundraiser page link with your community via social media and email. The NFTs and access linked to your fundraiser will give them something to talk about.

Identify influencers with Panxpan's bot

Incorporate Panxpan's bot in your Discord server to find influencers through promoter leaderboards.  Reward top promoters with exclusive access and maximize your fundraiser's reach.

Maximizing fundraiser reach

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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

Our fundraisers are powered by NFTs, access & Discord

Digital collectible

​Fundraise by finding observers interested in your project & give them a digital collectible (NFT).  This serves as their membership card and unlocks the access you'll offer.

Offer access

​Offer levels of access based on contribution amount.  Gate access to special features, early release, events, premium support, swag or other organizational experiences via your fundraiser's NFTs.


​Cultivate members into a community of beta users with Discord.  Push fundraiser engagement even further with Panxpan's Discord bot which will help you identify and reward top influencers.

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