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An NFT is a piece of art on the blockchain. But its accessible nature allows it to also serve as a membership card and unlock access.

Identify and membership

NFTs are public via wallets so they can highlight a participant's commitment to a cause.  As keys or membership cards, they can also transfer easily amongst family members or corporate employees as needed.

Access value

Many platforms allow users to use NFTs to login and access services instead of traditional accounts.  Fundraising organizers can easily gate rewards access to NFT holders.

Financial value

NFTs have value as a piece of art and as a collectible.  But they're also something participants can sell to others as value changes over time.

Value for participants

Cost effective

Low cost to create (digital; just a piece of art sitting on a blockchain)

Donor management

NFTs serve as membership cards and allow organizations to accurately target rewards.  No need to share databases/data with partner organizations, they just verify that it’s the correct NFT and can provide rewards or access.

Engaging & customizable

NFTs spur participant engagement vs. just asking for money.  They are also customizable.  You can set them to be transferable or not, define how long they’re valid for and upgrade them over time.

Value for organizers

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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

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