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Please submit your fundraiser details below and proceed to create your Panxpan account.  We'll follow up to collaborate on NFTs.  Feel free to schedule a call with us anytime.  We strongly recommend using ChatGPT to make filling out the content of your fundraiser faster and easier.

My details:

Organization logo or your profile picture for fundraiser page (ideally square 1:1 ratio):

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Cause story / description (Use ChatGPT):

Please describe your cause or project in detail so participants will want to contribute to it. This will show on your fundraiser page. You can update this later from the dashboard as well. We strongly recommend using ChatGPT to make creating this content faster and easier.

Fundraiser details:

Add a hero image for your fundraiser page (ideally rectangular 6:4 ratio):

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Fundraiser title (Use ChatGPT):

NFT & access details (can be skipped and updated later):

Number of NFTs/NFT tiers to create:

Tier 5

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Tier 4

Upload NFT image

Tier 3

Upload NFT image

Tier 2

Upload NFT image

Tier 1 (Lowest tier)

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