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Test NFT minting

Understanding how new technology works can be tricky unless you're able to experience it yourself.  Mint a free NFT and then access rewards we've set up for NFT holders.  

If you're new to NFTs you'll need to set up a digital wallet before clicking on the Mint NFT button below.  We'd recommend a Metamask wallet as its the most popular option.  Once you've created a Metamask wallet, click the Mint NFT button below.  If you already have a digital wallet, you'll be asked to connect it as part of the claim process.

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Ready to go?  Enter fundraiser details and kick things off.

Access NFT gated rewards

Use the NFT you claimed above to access the following rewards.  We hope this will help you understand how NFTs can power engagement in your next fundraiser.

Five free reports

Get five informative reports on the fundraising industry

Exclusive 1:1 access

Schedule a call with our leadership team to discuss NFTs, NFT gating, your fundraiser or provide some feedback on our platform.

Get a tshirt

Get $10 off any Panxpan swag

Discord channel & premier role

Gain access to an exclusive Panxpan Discord channel and have your profile highlighted as a "Thundercat" member.

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