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Boost engagement by granting access to your project

Participant appreciation

  • Special Discord badges/emoji/roles

  • Post donation thank you note from executive

  • Post donation thank you video from staff

  • Call outs via project's social channels

  • Recognition on company website

  • Custom pre-launch swag

Participant involvement

  • Feedback on Figma designs/game art

  • Discord polls on key decisions

  • Monthly calls discussing strategy and latest developments

  • Design competitions for website or in platform graphics

  • Marketing collaborations or competitions

Exclusive experiences

  • Early access to beta

  • Featured in video/written testimonial

  • Access to key executives for blog posts/podcasts

  • Ask me anything sessions on Discord

  • Meet & greet with early team members

  • Meet & greet/social events with other early members

Content & Information

  • Bio & introduction video to key executives

  • Recordings of certain staff meetings/all hands meetings

  • Monthly/quarterly newsletter

  • Financial forecasts/projections

  • Updates on press coverage and partnerships

Pre-launch access ideas

Automate access via a custom Access Hub

Each fundraiser features a custom Access Hub where you can elaborate on access offered and NFT gate access such as sign up forms, content, event tickets or appointment booking.

Our fundraisers are powered by NFTs, access & Discord

Digital collectible

​Fundraise by finding observers interested in your project & give them a digital collectible (NFT).  This serves as their membership card and unlocks the access you'll offer.

Offer access

Offer levels of access based on contribution amount.  Gate access to special features, early release, events, premium support, swag or other organizational experiences via your fundraiser's NFTs.


​Cultivate members into a community of beta users with Discord.  Push fundraiser engagement even further with Panxpan's Discord bot which will help you identify and reward top influencers.

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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

Participant appreciation

  • Post game credits / page in navigation menu calling out early members

  • Plaque commemorating product launch

  • Signed photo/app screenshot from team at launch

  • Launch event invite

  • Special launch event swag

Participant involvement

  • Discord polls on next feature to be developed

  • Monthly feedback session on product roadmap

  • Opportunity to become Discord community moderator

  • Guest blog post writing opportunity

Exclusive experiences

  • Free usage or in game credit

  • VIP support (via email or phone)

  • Special badging or avatars
  • Access to premium features

  • Ability to invite friends

  • Discord channel where members can discuss game play/platform/software

  • Partnership/integration opportunities

Content & Information

  • Updates on key growth metrics/user counts

  • Updates on job openings

  • Updates on fundraising

  • Monthly/quarterly newsletter

  • Monthly/quarterly business reports

Post-launch access ideas

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