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How the Red Cross is Building Community via Discord

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

In the vibrant world of online communities, Discord shines as a powerhouse platform, connecting individuals who share a passion for common interests. Amidst this vast digital landscape, 'American Red Cross Gaming' emerges as a shining beacon of community-driven altruism. This extraordinary Discord server, an initiative of the American Red Cross, not only captivates gamers but also creates a profound impact through its innovative strategies. If you're an organization looking to build community via Discord, this case study is for you.

The Birth of American Red Cross Gaming

'American Red Cross Gaming' was conceived as a unique extension of the American Red Cross organisation's outreach endeavours. With an unwavering mission to extend relief to those in need, the American Red Cross recognized an incredible opportunity to harness the vast gaming universe to raise awareness and funds for its humanitarian work. This vision materialised when they launched the Discord server in 2020.

The Discord platform, launched in 2015, initially targeted gamers' communication needs. Focusing on a niche community, like gamers, can be an effective strategy for non-profits or organizations. Instead of just targeting all supporters or customers, by targeting a specific group of individuals who share common interests and values, organizations can create a more engaged and dedicated community. This focused approach allows them to deliver tailored content and initiatives that resonate deeply with their target audience, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment among community members. In the case of 'American Red Cross Gaming,' this strategy has not only connected gamers but has also harnessed their collective passion to make a meaningful impact through philanthropy.

A Moderation Strategy is Key

At the heart of American Red Cross Gaming's success lies the unwavering commitment to cultivating a nurturing community. The server boasts a dedicated team comprising 3 chief moderators, 3 community moderators, and 8 streamers, with the number of moderators, especially the number of streamers, changing regularly according to their needs. They work tirelessly to ensure that every member feels safe and cherished. The stringent rules against discrimination and harassment guarantee that all members are treated with respect.

Discord servers benefit greatly from moderators who establish a safe, welcoming atmosphere. Moderators enforce rules and maintain order, ensuring respectful interactions. This sense of security encourages members to actively engage and invite others, driving organic growth. Effective moderation also enhances the server's reputation, making it more appealing to potential new members who are drawn to the positive and supportive environment. In this way, moderators play a crucial role in both retaining and expanding the server's community.

Engaging Content and Exhilarating Events

The server's overseers comprehend the significance of keeping their members enraptured. Regularly scheduled events, including electrifying gaming tournaments, charity drives, and mind-bending trivia nights, infuse a vibrant energy into the community. These events are not only a source of amusement but also serve as platforms to educate the gaming community about the American Red Cross's mission and impactful work.

Structuring Engagement via Channel Strategy

American Red Cross Gaming offers a multifaceted and engaging environment with 25 channels organised under different categories like GENERAL, RESCUE ROYALE 2023, RED CROSS COMMUNITY, RED CROSS MISSION, FAQ, TOOLS, and POKEMON-CHAT. It's a diverse and interactive space for members to explore and connect.

Categories & channels are essential for Discord servers, providing organization and focus in expansive communities. They offer designated spaces for various topics, streamlining navigation and preventing clutter. Categories & channels promote engagement and community by facilitating focused discussions, enhancing the overall user experience.

Part of this server's channel strategy is also keeping members informed and engaged with relief efforts through channels such as 'disaster-relief,' 'blood-saves-life,' 'international-service,' and 'veterans-military-families.' These communities within the server enable members to learn more about and focus their contributions and efforts on the causes they are most passionate about.

Maintaining a Fundraising Focus

Discord server admins need not veer away from their core mission when managing communities, even in a non-profit fundraising context. They can maintain multiple channels focused on fundraising, providing updates, and fostering conversations about ongoing efforts. This balanced approach ensures that the server continues to fulfill its mission, engage members, and effectively drive fundraising initiatives.

Fundraising is at the core of American Red Cross Gaming's strategy. The server orchestrates compelling charity drives, enabling gamers to contribute to the American Red Cross's disaster relief endeavours, blood donation campaigns, and various initiatives. This approach not only assists the organisation in raising funds but also instils a profound sense of purpose among the gaming community.

To encourage donations, American Red Cross Gaming offers exclusive fundraiser rewards to its members. These rewards can encompass unique in-game items, badges of honour, recognition within the community, as well as items like a hat, charging pad, jersey, and disaster kit. Such incentives not only inspire contributions but also bestow a sense of accomplishment upon donors. In general giveaways are great for driving fundraiser engagement and low cost/free giveaways like NFTs can be super appealing to GenZ and Millenial audiences.

The 'American Red Cross Gaming' Discord server stands as an awe-inspiring testament to how organizations can use Discord to drive community and how that community can help enable organizations to accomplish their longer term goals. The American Red Cross has built this community through their unwavering commitment to nurturing a supportive community, offering captivating content, forging strategic partnerships, upholding transparency, embracing a global perspective, championing disaster relief efforts, and enticing contributions with fundraiser rewards. Iitiatives like these serve as compelling reminders that compassion and philanthropy have a thriving presence in the virtual realm, catalysing positive change for those in need.

If you're a cause or project looking to raise funds, we'd love to help you grow your digital fundraising efforts. Panxpan's platform enables organizations to launch fundraisers that drive engagement and build community. We do this in 3 main steps: 1) Creating a fundraiser page for your cause/project and NFTs that you can give away to your participants, 2) Creating a rewards site which allows participants to unlock access to your organization using their NFTs as a membership card, and 3) Connecting your NFTs to Discord and setting up a Discord server for you to build longer term community. We'd love to schedule some time to learn more about your organization or you can start your fundraiser with us right away.


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