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Leverage NFTs and access to drive engagement and community for your cause or project.

Fundraisers that boost engagement & drive community

Giveaways drive engagement but are expensive

Many of us have tried chocolates, t-shirts and hats.  There are a lot of giveways you can try but they usually take most of the funds raised.  Consider using NFTs and access to drive engagement and keep 100% of your funds raised.

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Powered by NFTs & access

Digital collectible

Give your fundraising participants a digital collectible (NFT) based on their donation tier.  This serves as their membership card and unlocks the access you'll offer.

Offer access

Participants want access to your cause or project.  Gate access to events, discounts/deals, software, content, swag or other organizational experiences via your fundraiser's NFTs.

Simplify tech

No email lists, integrating databases or tracking which members need what. Participant NFTs serve as membership cards & unlock any future access you'll offer.

How does it work?

3. We'll collect funds, distribute your NFTs and manage rewards/access for your participants

2. You share your fundraiser link with your community

1. We create your fundraiser page, NFTs & rewards site

Discord:  Your path to building community

Each fundraiser comes with a NFT gated Discord channel that you can use to chat and build a community amongst your fundraiser participants.  Only those with your NFTs will be able to access it.  We'll help you with setup and ongoing Discord management.

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Fundraisers are FREE TO START & organizers keep 100% OF THE FUNDS RAISED.  Organizers are responsible for paying credit card processing fees.


Fundraiser participants pay an additional small service fee on donations to maintain the Panxpan platform.

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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

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