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Leverage NFTs, access & Discord to fundraise and build a community of beta users.

Fundraise while cultivating beta users

Get to product-market fit faster

Speed up your path to product-market fit by creating a compelling fundraiser page to draw in observers and funding.  Then, harness access to your project & Discord to transform these individuals into a dedicated community of beta users, driving your project's refinement and success.

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Powered by NFTs, access & Discord

Digital collectible

Fundraise by finding observers interested in your project & give them a digital collectible (NFT).  This serves as their membership card and unlocks the access you'll offer.

Offer access

Offer levels of access based on contribution amount.  Gate access to special features, early release, events, premium support, swag or other organizational experiences via your fundraiser's NFTs.

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Cultivate members into a community of beta users with Discord.  Push fundraiser engagement even further with Panxpan's Discord bot which will help you identify and reward top influencers.

How does it work?

3. We'll collect funds, distribute your NFTs and manage access for your members

2. Share your fundraiser link with your community & we'll push with advertising

1. We create your fundraiser page, NFTs & access hub

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Fundraising campaigns are FREE TO START & organizers keep 100% OF THE FUNDS RAISED.  Organizers are responsible for paying credit card processing fees and optional advertising spend.


Fundraiser participants pay an additional small service fee on contributions to maintain the Panxpan platform.

  • What is a NFT?
    NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is a digital asset that represents ownership or proof of authenticity of a unique item or piece of content, such as artwork, music, videos, or even tweets. NFTs are stored on a blockchain and cannot be replicated, making them one-of-a-kind and valuable. They can be bought and sold like traditional assets.
  • What is minting?
    Minting is the process of creating or issuing a new digital asset, such as an NFT, and recording it on a blockchain. It involves uploading the content, setting parameters, and generating a unique identifier for the asset. Once minted, the asset can be bought, sold, and traded as a one-of-a-kind item.
  • Can anyone secure a Panxpan NFT?
    Each fundraiser has its own unique NFTs. Only participants that donate to a given fundraiser can secure an NFT based on their donation amount. Once a fundraiser is closed, that NFT will no longer be available to the public. However, if you donated to the fundraiser and didn't mint your NFT, you have 1 year to come back and claim and mint the NFT you are entitled to.
  • Can fundraiser participants sell their NFT?
    Yes. As soon as an NFT is minted, it will be available in your wallet to sell on any marketplace supporting ERC-1155 tokens and the Polygon blockchain. An example marketplace is OpenSea.
  • What is NFT token gating?
    NFT token gating refers to the practice of requiring users to hold a specific NFT to access certain features or content. Panxpan helps fundraiser organizers NFT token gate experiences such as access to a Discord channel, certain web content, certain products in an online store or a given event. Only holders of the fundraiser's NFTs will be allowed to access/join these experiences.
  • What is Discord?
    Discord is a communication platform used by communities to chat via text, voice, and video. It was originally created for gamers but is now used by many communities. Users can create and join servers to communicate and collaborate, and it offers additional features like screen and file sharing.
  • How do I get paid once my fundraiser is complete?
    Once your fundraiser is complete we will issue you or the organization you represent a payout within 5 business days. When setting up your fundraiser you will choose your preferred payout method. Options include Paypal, Zelle or check. If you are fundraising on behalf of a 501c3 registered organization, we will send your check to the official address of the organization.
  • How can my participants donate to my fundraiser?
    Fundraising participants can, by default, make payments via credit card, Paypal, or Alipay. Panxpan uses Stripe and Paypal for payment processing. If you prefer to enable alternative donation methods, such as cryptocurrency or allowing donors to gift existing NFTs, these options can also be activated for your campaign.
  • What countries do you support?
    For participants looking to contribute to a Panxpan fundraiser, our credit card & payments processor supports credit card payments from over 200 countries. For organizers looking to start a Panxpan fundraiser, we are able to work with cause organizers in most countries.
  • What information do you need from me to start a fundraiser?
    Please fill out our Start Fundraiser form if you are interested in getting started. Once that form is filled out, we will reach out with suggestions for your NFTs, talk you through potential NFT token gated experiences and then kick off your fundraiser.
  • Can anyone be a fundraiser organizer and do you have to be registered?
    Anyone can fundraise and you don’t have to register with any organisation to raise money. However, if you are fundraising on behalf of an official 501c3 charity, that will be noted on your Fundraiser page so participants are aware of exactly who the funds are going to. In those circumstances funds raised will be sent via check to the official address of the charity.
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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

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