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About Me

I was born in Woodstock, Ontario in 1964. I went to the military in 1982 where I swore allegiance to the Queen. This took me to the SSS (Silent Secret Service) which was against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. For more on this you can check out my books from 2013 called Submariner Tales Truth or Fiction you Decide in which is my claim to fame receiving a letter from our past Queen thanking me for my service and Commemorating 100 years of Submarines Canada and Australia.

I have owned many businesses over the years. Roth Collectables, Sydcam Video Services which was way ahead of its time when I suggested video for real estate with Caldwell Bankers and basically laughed at in 1989. My next businesses were: We Care Lawn Care which I sold and entered the racehorse community with Amblar Breeders for a decade plus until only the large farms were making money. From there I started dabling in art and produced my first painting in 2007 which sold for $7000. At thi...