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Comment ajouter des cadeaux NFT à une campagne GoFundMe

Dernière mise à jour : 17 févr.

Raising funds for your cause and considering using NFTs? Fantastic! We share your enthusiasm! NFTs are an affordable giveaway that can please your users in comparison to high-cost items like swag or other promo products, which can consume over 50% of funds raised. The challenge is integrating NFTs into your GoFundMe project. We have a solution for you! But first, let's examine what it takes to successfully integrate NFTs into any fundraising project.

To effectively integrate NFTs into a fundraising project, you need to consider four aspects: NFT design, minting process, managing the NFT holder database, and creating exclusive experiences for NFT holders. Let's delve into each of these components in more detail.

  1. Designing Your NFTs: NFTs serve as unique digital collectibles and mementos for your fundraising participants. It's essential to have them professionally designed to ensure they are visually appealing and enjoyable. You might want to create multiple NFTs catering to different preferences and allow users to choose their preferred designs. Implementing donation tiers with rarer collectibles for higher donations is another possibility. Traditional fundraising platforms may not specialize in NFT-based fundraising, making these tasks challenging. However, the Panxpan platform focuses on NFT fundraising, streamlining the design process.

  2. Minting NFTs: Minting NFTs on the blockchain and transferring them to participants' wallets is essential. Some users may not have wallets, so you need to enable wallet creation during the giveaway process. Maintaining NFT exclusivity is vital, so ensure NFTs are only minted during the fundraiser and not accessible to non-donors. Panxpan's NFT fundraising platform simplifies this process by providing these features as standard.

  3. Managing Your NFTs: After the fundraiser, you'll want to stay connected with participants for future campaigns. Since NFTs can be sold and transferred, keeping track of NFT holders can be challenging. Traditional communication methods, like email addresses, may not be sufficient. One solution is to use a communication platform like Discord. Panxpan's NFT fundraisers include Discord server integration, allowing NFT holders to join and receive project updates exclusively.

  4. NFT Gating for Added Value: Providing exclusive incentives for NFT holders can significantly increase their value, as demonstrated by the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Exclusive rewards might include unique access, updates, custom swag, events, discounts, or freebies. To offer these rewards, you'll need to create gated experiences accessible only to NFT holders. This concept is known as NFT gating or token gating. Panxpan's NFT fundraising platform enables the creation of NFT gated experiences, enhancing the value of your NFTs and ensuring future NFT fundraisers are even more successful.

Incorporating NFTs into a traditional fundraising campaign, such as a GoFundMe, can be challenging. You need to consider all the aspects mentioned above. But that's precisely why we created Panxpan. NFTs offer a low-cost way to provide giveaways, increasing engagement while building a few NFT gated experiences for NFT holders, making them valuable within your community. We can help you with all of this.

With Panxpan's NFT fundraising platform, you can create and mint NFTs and build NFT gated experiences for your users once the fundraiser is over. This ensures participants derive real value from your NFTs and makes your next NFT fundraiser even more successful. Learn more about Panxpan's fundraising platform or start your NFT fundraiser now.


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