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Impulsando el Compromiso en la Recaudación de Fondos a través de NFTs+Acceso

Actualizado: 11 feb

We’re constantly seeking innovative ways to create excitement and engagement around our fundraising efforts. Giveaways are one way to do this but when you start looking at average donation amounts vs. how much you spend on chocolates or a t-shirt or a hat, the majority of funds raised can easily go to paying for the giveaways and managing the logistics.

What most participants want is to be part of the cause and feel involved. What this means is if non-profits can figure out a cost effective way to involve participants, they should be able to use that as an alternative to giveaways and still drive engagement. We believe this is possible by offering partipants access to their cause as we lay out below.

The problem with just providing access though is it can be difficult to implement and manage this access. Thats where new technology comes in via NFTs. NFTs can be used to unlock access and automate this process so non profits aren't spending tons of time maintaining lists of emails or figuring out who needs access to what or building expensive integrations.

But lets start with seven exciting access types that non-profits or new projects can offer fundraising participants to get participants excited about a cause or project:

1 - Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Tours: Participants love to feel like they're part of something special. Offering exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of your organization's facilities, projects, or events can create a sense of intimacy and connection. This type of access provides participants with a firsthand look at the impact their contributions are making, making them feel more invested in the cause. And they don’t just have to be in person. You can do live YouTube streams, collaborations with key influencers, recorded videos or series of small get to know you blog posts.

2 - Meet-and-Greet with Key Figures: Providing participants with the opportunity to meet and interact with key figures in your organization, such as the founder, executive director, or beneficiaries, can be incredibly appealing. Personal connections can deepen the emotional attachment participants feel towards your cause, motivating them to give more generously. Schedule a monthly zoom call with a rotating executive, plan “Ask me Anything” sessions or just host regular office hours with the outreach rep.

3 - VIP Event Invitations: Organizing VIP events specifically for participants who contribute a certain amount can create a sense of exclusivity and importance. These events could be gala dinners, cocktail parties, or workshops featuring influential speakers. The chance to network and socialize with like-minded individuals can be a powerful incentive for participants to participate in the fundraiser. And in today’s global world, online events can also work to foster connection between the cause/project and participants and amongst participants as well.

4 - Interactive Workshops or Webinars: Education and personal growth are strong motivators for many participants. Offering exclusive access to workshops, webinars, or online courses related to your cause can attract those who value learning and self-improvement. These sessions can also provide valuable insights into your organization's work and impact.

5 - Volunteer Opportunities: Some participants may be eager to give not only financially but also with their time and skills. Providing access to volunteer opportunities, where participants can directly participate in your organization's initiatives, can be incredibly fulfilling for them. This hands-on engagement can strengthen their commitment to your cause.

6 - Customized Impact Reports: Participants want to know the tangible effects of their contributions. Providing personalized impact reports that detail how their donations have made a difference can create a strong sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. This access type demonstrates transparency and accountability, building trust with participants. Consider releasing these impact reports on a set schedule, perhaps monthly or quarterly, and only available to fundraiser participants.

7 - Collaborative Decision-Making: Giving participants the opportunity to be involved in decision-making processes can be empowering. Whether it's voting on project priorities, suggesting new initiatives, or participating in strategic discussions, involving participants in shaping your organization's future can make them feel like true partners.

Implementing Access into Your Fundraiser

One way to offer this access is by connecting it to the fundraiser directly. So making it clear what access they get if they donate at a certain tier. Here are a few tips to effectively implement these exciting access types:

  • Understand Your Participant Base: Different participants have different motivations. Tailor your access offerings to match the interests and preferences of your participant base. Some may value personal experiences, while others might be more interested in learning and education.

  • Good Storytelling: Clearly communicate the benefits of each access type. Use compelling storytelling to convey how each opportunity aligns with your organization's mission and the impact it has on your cause.

  • Tiered Access: Assign specific access types to different fundraising tiers. For example, higher-tier participants could gain access to more exclusive experiences. This creates a sense of progression and encourages participants to increase their contributions to unlock greater access.

Automating Access via NFTs

NFTs are simply a piece of art on the blockchain. They are valuable as both a digital collectible keepsake that participants can get but also in their ability to serve as a membership card and digitally unlock access you want to offer to your organization. NFTs can help automate the process of offering participants various access levels. A participant with a given NFT can automatically unlock any access you want to offer which frees you from maintaining lists of emails, figuring out who needs what or building complicated integrations.

Here's how we'd suggest automating access for the seven access types noted above:

Access Type

NFT based Automation


Behind the scenes tours

NFT gated Zoom calls, Apple/Google Wallet pass via NFT (offline events), Recordings or blog posts gated behind NFT signin


Meet & greet with key figures

NFT gated Zoom calls, Discord live chat gated to NFT holders


VIP event invitations

NFT gated Zoom calls, Apple/Google Wallet pass via NFT (offline events)


Interactive Workshops

NFT gated Zoom calls, Scheduler/signup gated behind NFT signin, Apple/Google Wallet pass via NFT (offline events)


Volunteer Opportunities

Scheduler/signup gated behind NFT signin


Customized Impact Reports

Reports uploaded to webpage gated behind NFT signin, Distributed via NFT gated Discord channel


Collaborative Decision Making

Project voting via webpage gated behind NFT, gated DAO type project voting service such as

Here are two live examples of how end to end fundraiser access can be automated via NFTs:

  1. Panxpan membership example

  2. Natural Disaster Fundraiser example

Non-profit organizations and new projects can create excitement and engagement among participants by offering a variety of access types that resonate with their interests and values. These access opportunities not only incentivize contributions but also foster a sense of community, involvement, and emotional connection with the cause. And if you can automate the process of implementing access for participants, then you can not only drive engagement but also keep the majority of funds donated as well.

Talk to us to learn more about our NFT fundraisers and how you can offer access via NFTs in an automated way.


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