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Un Enfoque Alegre para la Recaudación de Fondos en Salud Mental

Actualizado: 11 feb

In a groundbreaking campaign aimed at removing mental health stigmas, the concept of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) has been flipped on its head. The campaign manifested the antidote to FOMO, JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), into tangible Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This innovative approach has rallied the digital community in a noteworthy charitable endeavor, raising funds for five mental health charities.

The Campaign: From FOMO to JOMO

Launched on May 10, 2023, during Mental Health Awareness Month, the JOMO campaign was the brainchild of Peace Inside Live. This collective of content creators, digital artists, mental health, and wellness advocates began its journey during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, just as the NFT space first surged.

The campaign ran for three days, initially intended for two but extended due to overwhelming support. Notable figures such as Deepak Chopra and Seva Love, partners in the launch, were vocal advocates for the initiative. They viewed the growing Web3 space as a critical venue for mental health promotion.

The campaign successfully raised $16K for five mental health charities: Aakoma Project, Half The Story, The MINDS Foundation, LOVELOUD Foundation, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

The JOMO Effect: NFTs for Mental Health

The JOMO Effect is a unique collection of 40 digital art collectibles created by 40 artists, focusing on wellness and mental health. The NFTs were available via the Magic Eden NFT marketplace and built on Polygon. The minting cost was 24 MATIC (about $24) in the public sale, with a special "Joy List" offering a pre-sale rate of 20 MATIC (about $18).

97% of the primary sales of the NFTs went directly to the five charities, with the remaining 3% covering credit card fees. For secondary sales, the proceeds were split three ways: 33% each to the charities, Peace Inside Love, and the artists.


The campaign's reach was amplified through strategic partnerships with notable figures and organizations, including Deepak Chopra’s metaverse organization Seva.Love, TIME magazine’s Web3 arm TIMEPieces, crypto domain provider Unstoppable Domains, digital artist Adam Bomb Squad, NFT platform House of First, and others. These partnerships also helped add a breadth of rewards for NFT holders which incentivized purchase.

There were a series of stacked rewards for those participants that held either 1 NFT or 5 NFTs or all 40 unique NFTs. If you held one NFT, each of the partners generally offered some reward:

  • From Seva Love you got access to the Soul of Leadership, one of Chopra Foundation's flagship offerings, a program that has previously only been available in select places including Columbia University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg Business School

  • From Peace Inside Live you got access to the Peace Inside portal with an extensive library of 1-minute audio meditations and over 70 hours of video classes to kickstart or deepen your mindful practices

  • 15% off of the JOMO Journal

  • From Infinite Objects you got make your digital art a piece of physical art with Infinite Objects $10 off when you login with your wallet as a holder

  • From InnerWorld you got a free month of premium subscription

  • From Polydoge you got entered into a giveaway of 50 NFTs from Polydoge for their next PFP dropping to celebrate their 2-year anniversary

  • From Unstoppable Domains you got a promo code for holders giving you 30 percent off an Unstoppable Domain

  • From Jana Stern Healer you got a 20% promo code for holders off all services

  • From Jeremy Fall piece you got access to mental health recipes

Then if you held 5 NFTs (at one time with a snapshot), some of the partners offered addition rewards such as:

  • From Adam Bomb Squad you got a unique JOMO Effect Adam Bomb Squad NFT

And finally if you held all 40 NFTs (at one time with a snapshot) you got:

  • From Seva Love you got an Intimate meditation + Q&A with Deepak Chopra and the Seva.Love team

  • From TIME & TIMEPieces you got 1 ticket to an IRL TIME/TIMEPieces event

  • From House Of First you got 1 Remarkable Moment 1/1 NFT from Rachel Winter

  • From LOVELOUD you got LOVELOUD merch item

Users who unlocked all 40 NFTs were also called out on Twitter for additional recognition.

An Innovative Marketing Approach

Twitter played a prominent role in the campaign, hosting giveaways, partner tweets, and influencer promotions. The JOMO Effect project also received significant support from Polygon Labs, who assisted with Twitter Spaces and promotional efforts.

The campaign culminated in an initial reveal party with influencers via Twitter spaces, bringing the community together in celebration and support of this unique approach to mental health fundraising.

The JOMO NFT campaign stands as a compelling example of how digital collectibles and the web3 community can be leveraged for philanthropic causes. By transforming the pervasive FOMO anxiety into JOMO, the campaign not only raised funds for crucial mental health charities but also brought about a much-needed conversation on mental health in the tech and Web3 space.

The successful fundraising effort demonstrates the potential of the NFT space to serve as a platform for charitable initiatives. This breakthrough campaign has set a precedent for future initiatives, showing that the web3 world can be a space for altruistic endeavors as much as it is a space for financial and technological innovation.

Moreover, by involving a variety of partners from different fields and offering a variety of rewards for contributors, the campaign effectively engaged the community in supporting mental health causes. It proves that the blockchain community can come together to support critical social causes, furthering the potential of NFTs beyond art and collectibles.

The JOMO NFT campaign serves as an inspiration for future projects, illustrating how creativity and technology can intersect to create impactful change. It shows that the Joy of Missing Out can indeed be a powerful force for good, turning the perceived negative of missing out into a positive action that benefits both the individual and the wider community.

In the words of Deepak Chopra, "The collaboration with the JOMO Effect is part of our ongoing focus on nurturing community and well-being in the Web3 space and working towards a more sustainable, peaceful, healthier and joyful world." As we continue to explore the potential of the Web3 space, initiatives like the JOMO campaign underscore the importance of leveraging technology to promote well-being and mental health.


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