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Bradley Windvogel

Bradley Windvogel


Bradley Windvogel

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I am aspiring to build my own Record Label.


I already have the logo and the name and the idea or thought of it was always stuck in my mind since way before. It has always been my motivation as an artist to have ownership of my intellectual property as well as to be and become a successful artist.


As an artist I have always been creative but what hinders me the most is the worry of having to hustle on the side. Having to worry of having enough funds to cover the expenses when it comes to music and in life in general. I do my best to stay out of trouble and I have only ever been payed minimum wage for every job opportunity I have ever had and did what I could to multiply whatever I could out of my salary and then do the rest.


I know I am a work horse and an over performer, I just want to make the switch to permanently put all that energy into music and the music industry. I have been looking for investors and for ways to g...