User Feedback...

  • “...the amount of work and man hours it saves companies is probably invaluable. Data aggregation and analysis is always a difficult thing for larger companies and its nice to see that they have an alternative.”

    - Video game designer, Independent studio
  • “…a souped up excel with a lively interface!”

    - Web designer, SEO/SEM firm
  • “..this is a remarkable tool for sharing data with other members in the team and allowing it to be made visual and accessible quickly and easily.”

    - Scan coordinator, Grocery store chain
  • “I manage a team of twenty five finance analysts... You won't believe how many different formats of tables I get. It makes it hard to combine information. This program is a uniform database and table system. My employees will be able to have a standard set of tables and charts to work from.”

    - Finance manager, Finance company
  • “The software looks intuitive and simple to use but allows for very powerful things to be done.”

    - Software engineer, Large US corporation
Leverage Analytics Experts
Browse modules by department, topic, author or tag to identify types of research that can be run.
Identify popular research others are running.
Have custom modules created that automate your internal research processes for private use.
Get Going Faster
Each module identifies the exact data fields required for that type of research so you know exactly what to enter.
Extra data not required by the module can still be entered in the grey extra columns.
Row toggles to the left of each row can be used to turn certain rows of data On or Off. Off rows are not incorporated in research.
Columns of data can be moved around on the sheet using the drop downs located above the main sheet.
Collaborate Better
Enter email addresses to share data with team members or make the file public and share with your team using a URL link.
Subsets of data can be shared with different users. Use the View and Edit toggles to define what exact data each user can View and Edit.
Email notifications are automatically sent to each user anytime data in the file is updated.
Click on "View Statistics" to see which team members have been accessing the data.
Make Research Easier
Each module has pre-defined research graphs that are automatically created for each user. Users simply need to scroll through these graphs to gain insights.
If the user wants to customize the data further themselves they can click on "Customize Graph" which lets them manipulate the data further.
All shared files have a group chat feature allowing team members to discuss various research graphs and share insights.
Consolidate Analytics
Create new files or access all your existing files from the main page of the application.
As different team members share different files, everyone on your team can access and update research in real time.
PanXpan authors also write Knowledge articles related to each module which can be accessed by any team member to gain insights and identify new research to run.