Image by Darren Ahmed Arceo


We're here to turn your empty walls into an asset.

Browse our Local Art Catalog

Browse our catalog of available art from local artists and have it delivered to your restaurant or hotel immediately.  Keep it free for up to 90 days and then return it or start leasing it over a 24 month period.

Put up Wall Space for Lease

Take pictures and upload available wall space in your resturant or hotel.  Set a price you would like to charge for that wall space (up to $50/space/month).  Local artists will bid to secure that space and pickup/deliver the art based on a pre-defined schedule.

Selling to the Public

All art will come with a QR code that your visitors can use to learn more about the art.  They will be able to then purchase the art immediately via the webiste link.  Any art sold while on display at your business earns you a 25% to 40% commission.