We build custom modules for businesses looking to research data in a unique way. Each module is hosted on our online platform and automates a specific business research task.


All our modules are structured the same way. You can view some of our existing modules here. The following components make up any new module.

  • Data Page

    Initial raw data will be populated onto the data page. The exact data fields required will depend on the type of research you want done. Data can be entered manually, by uploading a file or pulling data from other systems (integration).

  • Entry Panel

    The entry panel provides customization or modeling for the table of data entered. This allows for additional customization to the algorithm used or research being conducted. It may not be required.

  • Research Page

    Based on data entered, each module creates a set of automated graphs that users simply scroll through. The types of graphs created are predefined by the algorithm that the module uses. The goal is allowing end users to easily research business data themselves.


1- Review your
Research Needs

We review your research needs:
what data will be required, what
systems your staff will be pulling it
from, and the type of research you
want to have run.

2- New Module
Demonstrated in Spreadsheet

We mock up the sample module in
a spreadsheet so you can see
how it will work. We incorporate
any feedback before creating the
module online.

3- Final Module
Available Online

Finally we refine the module
online. We work with your team to
test the functionality and usability
to ensure you are able to easily
enter data and perform research.

We charge a one-time development fee of $500 per custom module built. For this fee the module is made public on our website (but of course your files/data created via the module is always kept private). You have the option of keeping the module private (only accessible by your team) for an additional charge of $500 for the first year and then $1000 for each subsequent year. Development time ranges between 2-3 weeks per module. Contact us to learn more and discuss your exact needs.