What Clients are Saying...

  • "We had several blind spots that were very important and that we needed to take some critical decisions on for the future of the company. PanXpan helped us by digging into their details to give us what we needed and even more. Very smart, self motivated, knowledgeable, precise and fast... Highly recommended and would definitely use them again in future."

    - Moustafa E., President
    Telecom Service Provider
  • "PanXpan was able to provide a clean, precise data story that we could not determine by ourselves. We had a mound of data, and we knew there was an answer buried inside, we just did not have the talent to turn it into a revenue generating action plan. The PanXpan team, not only gave us an easy to read story, but the ability to take back control of our destiny."

    - Omar D., VP of Operations
    Call Center
  • "We hired PanXpan to review our core technology platform. In just a few months they not only understood our business model but set a completely new direction in how we develop our online solutions. The changes PanXpan introduced will enhance our ability to grow, manage and scale our software platform. I would highly recommend PanXpan for their efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism."

    - Mustafa B., Operations Director
    Pharma Services Provider

Our consulting expertise includes the following services:

Custom Research Reporting System Improvements
We integrate internal data, obtain any additional data required and present research on how performance can be improved. We suggest improvements in internal reporting systems that would allow for optimal data capture and cleaner research.
Online Modules System Integration
We identify research your staff would like to undertake on an ongoing basis and help automate this research via custom-built PanXpan modules. Learn More. We help link internal systems with PanXpan’s online platform so data can be easily pulled directly from internal systems. Learn More.

You can learn more about some of our past data analysis projects here. We look forward to hearing from you.