How long is it taking support staff to close tickets?

Department: Client Services

Creator: PanXpan

Difficulty: intermediate

Tags: Call Center

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This module enables everyone on your team to research servicing tickets performance. Businesses today understand the importance of customer service and quickly resolving customer complaints. Enter your historic ticket data (ticket open dates and ticket close dates) by rep into our module. Then share this file with your team. Team members will be able to scroll through research on how quickly support tickets are getting closed and the relative performance of individual reps.

Ticket Date Client Services Rep Ticket Open Date Ticket Close Date
1/1/2010 John 1/5/2010 1/7/2010
1/1/2010 Bruce 1/5/2010 1/7/2010
1/1/2010 John 1/5/2010 1/8/2010
1/1/2010 John 1/5/2010 2/1/2010
2/1/2010 Bruce 2/6/2010 2/21/2010

“Please try our servicing tickets analysis module and let us know what you think!” Mufaddal K. - 9/7/2014

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