Where are my sales coming from?

Department: Sales

Creator: PanXpan

Difficulty: beginner

Tags: Revenue

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This module enables everyone on your team to research sales growth. It's great for slicing and dicing sales data. Enter sales history by product, rep, region or any other categories you want to analyze. Then share this file with your team. Team members will be able to scroll through research on sales per category and quickly understand where sales have been strong, or lacking.

Date Client Product Sales Rep Territory Amount
Jan Client 1 Software Mike East 566
Jan Client 3 Software John East 800
Feb Client 3 Software Bruce West 1,500
Mar Client 2 Software Mike East 650
Mar Client 1 Services John East 865

“Please try our sales growth analysis module and let us know what you think!” Mufaddal K. - 8/5/2014

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