What's driving rework costs?

Department: Manufacturing

Creator: PanXpan

Difficulty: advanced

Tags: Returns

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This module enables everyone on your team to research manufacturing defects performance. Manufacturing defects and rework can cause average unit cost to increase drastically. For each reworked item enter the rework cost and shipment data (promised and actual ship dates). Then share this file with your team. Team members will be able to scroll through research on total rework cost, # of orders reworked, rework cost per rework order, # of rework days per rework order and rework cost per day.

Order Date Product Reworked Rework Costs Promised Ship Date Actual Ship Date
1/1/2010 Shoes 1,054 1/10/2010 2/10/2010
1/1/2010 Shoes 219 1/10/2010 1/13/2010
1/1/2010 Shirts 2,263 1/10/2010 2/10/2010
1/1/2010 Shoes 68 1/10/2010 1/12/2010
1/1/2010 Shoes 1,054 1/10/2010 2/10/2010

“Please try our manufacturing defects analysis module and let us know what you think!” Mufaddal K. - 6/8/2015

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