Is the conversion funnel for our website improving over time?

Department: Marketing

Creator: PanXpan

Difficulty: intermediate

Tags: Ecommerce

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This module enables everyone on your team to research conversion funnel performance. Monitoring and improving the conversion rate at each step in your website's purchase flow or conversion funnel can lead to more end conversions. For each step in your website's conversion funnel, enter traffic data over time. Then share this file with your team. Team members will be able to scroll through research on how traffic and conversion rates across the funnel have changed over time so you can monitor your optimization efforts.

Date Segment Total Visitors Step 1 Conversions Step 2 Conversions Step 3 Conversions
1/1/2010 Shirts 1,574 207 124 66
1/1/2010 Shoes 3,452 235 143 66
1/1/2010 Hats 6,997 161 105 35
2/1/2010 Shirts 1,499 209 129 69
2/1/2010 Shoes 3,421 231 144 70

“Please try our conversion funnel analysis module and let us know what you think!” Mufaddal K. - 1/18/2015

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