Building Trust

Building partnerships is all about Trust. But when you've never met your partner face to face and you speak different languages, Trust is difficult to build. We've put Trust front and center in our platform so you have the right foundation to build prosperous partnerships with oversees manufacturers.

More Than Ratings

In addition to identifying great new products to sell, filter manufacturers based on feedback from other local partners in different countries, platform revenue, sales targets and investment funds. You have the ability to leave public feedback on any ventures you enter into so manufacturers know they need to work fairly with you.

Fair Pricing

Setting pricing is challenging in any partnership but with our platform you know you will be treated fairly. Manufacturers can't set pricing with specific local partners individually. Instead they globally set pricing based on country and quantity ordered. This way every local partner in a given country pays the same price relative to the quantity they order.

Sales Escrow

Generate invoices for product requests and have invoices funded before you dispatch any goods. We'll hold their funds in escrow until you ship the goods, and then release the funds to your account.

100% Receipt Based Reimbursement

Managing investments in local partners is a key part of our platform. But you only want to pay for what you're sure the local partners have spent. Investment is capped each month based on your pre-defined limits and split, and is only reimbursed when receipts are uploaded by the local partner. You can also file a dispute and hold back investment if you don't feel funds are being legitimately spent.

Paper Trail & Neutral Referee

Each venture has its own detailed event and message history log where we automatically track changes. Investment and sales forecasts also have version tracking so you can track changes over time.

Automatic change tracking and history helps resolve disputes and can be used if disputes need to be escalated to PanXpan for arbitration.

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