User Feedback...

  • “...the amount of work and man hours it saves companies is probably invaluable. Data aggregation and analysis is always a difficult thing for larger companies and its nice to see that they have an alternative.”

    - Video game designer, Independent studio
  • “…a souped up excel with a lively interface!”

    - Web designer, SEO/SEM firm
  • “..this is a remarkable tool for sharing data with other members in the team and allowing it to be made visual and accessible quickly and easily.”

    - Scan coordinator, Grocery store chain
  • “I manage a team of twenty five finance analysts... You won't believe how many different formats of tables I get. It makes it hard to combine information. This program is a uniform database and table system. My employees will be able to have a standard set of tables and charts to work from.”

    - Finance manager, Finance company
  • “The software looks intuitive and simple to use but allows for very powerful things to be done.”

    - Software engineer, Large US corporation
Users can enter data in any module in a variety of ways including copy and pasting data directly onto the Data page or uploading an MS-Excel file. In addition to this users can also pull data directly from other systems.
Integration Features
Using integration users can pull data directly from other online software platforms or databases located on client premises. Integration features allow users to:

  • Choose from a variety of third party online platforms with pre-built integration to make pulling data easier

  • Use recommended mappings between PanXpan module fields and other system fields for faster mapping of fields

  • Pull data for a file from multiple platforms, filter data and summarize data by time period

  • Enable team members to adjust themselves the date range pulled

  • Schedule data to be updated automatically at set intervals or when a file is opened by the user
Proprietary Data Integration for Module Authors
If you are looking to create new modules for the PanXpan platform, modules can also include access to proprietary data that is being offered by the module author. Proprietary data may include demographic data by geography, industry sales figures and trends, key economic indicator data, social media data, etc. Access to the proprietary data can be an optional offering provided to the user for an additional fee. Users could pull the proprietary data directly from the author's systems for use within the module as needed.
Please contact us for more information on integration capabilities and specific integration requirements.