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Organizer dashboard

Update project details, see who's donated and how many NFTs have been minted, create NFT gated experiences and self manage your project's fundraiser

NFT minting

We'll manage the NFT minting process and make sure participants are able to get the NFT they are entitled to

Payment processing

We'll collect funds from participants, manage refunds and payout via a single payment once the fundraiser is over

Participant support

Issues arise and participants have questions.  We'll support your participants with payment related inquiries or any other quetions they have.

Outsource fundraising infrastructure

Fundraising NFTs

NFT strategy, design & creation

We'll help you decide on which NFT strategy to pursue, design the NFTs and get them ready for minting by participants.

NFT Fundraiser page

Project tiers & rewards

We'll guide you on setting the right donation tiers, offer suggestions on rewards per tier and advise on other campaign elements.

NFT gated experiences

Build pages to NFT gate various rewards you offered in your project fundraiser.  Monitor which participants have or haven't accessed their rewards.

Drive engagement via NFTs and NFT gated rewards

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A full service fundraising solution to help you launch your next project

​Discord setup

​Having a place where your participants can chat and engage with you is critical to building longer term relationships.  We think Discord is the place to do this and we'll set it all up for you.

Participant follow-up & dashboard

Participants dont always mint NFTs or join Discord right away.  We'll make sure they're informed through followups and have their questions answered.  They can also view NFTs, get notified when rewards are ready and access gated rewards pages via the participant dashboard.

Loyalty through shared experiences

Get your participants to relate to your project and other participants through unique shared experiences gated to your NFTs.  Allow participants to upgrade their NFTs or receive new ones based on loyalty and engagement.

Build community via Discord

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Experience our fundraiser demo and then submit your fundraiser.  We'll reach out after review.

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