Your job is to first identify a type of research that could be helpful for others if automated. Typically this is research that others may run in Excel on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Next this research needs to be translated into PanXpan language. The language our modules speak consists of the following three components:
Data Page
Each module requires a set table of data. The exact data fields required differ by module. Your job is to figure out for your type of research what fields of data will be required for the user to enter.
Entry Panel
The entry panel is used to provide financial modeling or validation rules for the research. This varies based on research requirements. The entry panel is optional but may be helpful for your type of research. Sample modules currently using the entry panel include Growth Modeling.
Research Page
Based on data entered, each module creates a set of graphs that users simply scroll through. The types of graphs created are predefined by the module. Users can further manipulate a graph themselves by clicking on Customize Graph. You need to figure out the specific graphs/flow your module will have.
Once you have mocked up the above components in a program like MS-Excel or MS-PowerPoint, you can then send us the files for us to review. Our internal team will analyze the documents and get back to you with questions or suggestions. From there we will code the module according to your specifications and add it to our online platform for sale.


We charge a minimal initial development fee per module. This fee can be refunded if certain sales targets are met. It takes between 2-3 weeks for your module to be coded and added to our online platform once your module details have been finalized and approved by our team.

Contact us to learn more and begin the process. You may also want to join our beta group to gain inside access to our team and other interesting benefits.