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Image by Darren Ahmed Arceo


We're here to turn your walls into an asset.  Tell your business's story while creating a new revenue stream.

Your Existing Artwork

If you already have the perfect art in your restaurant, let us help you sell it to your customers.  We'll manage the sales process and replenish your artwork as its sold.

Browse Catalog or Custom Art

Browse our existing catalog of available work from local artists.  Or we can have computer/AI generated art created based on your preferences.  Once we have the perfect pieces we'll deliver and set it up in your business and you can keep it free for up to 90 days.  If it doesnt sell by then you can return it or start leasing it over a 12 month period.

Selling to the Public

All art will come with a QR code that your customers can use to learn more about the art.  They will be able to then purchase the art immediately via the webiste link.  Any art sold while on display at your business earns you up to a 85% commission.

Art Options

Worker with Ladder
Artwork from Local Artists
Computer/AI Generated Artwork
Restaurant Provided Artwork
Sell artwork from local artists in your business
Sell artwork created by PanXpan Art in your business
Sell your own artwork in your business
Your Commission
30% of purchase price
60% of purchase price
85% of purchase price
Artwork Put Up and Take Down
Managed by artist
Managed by PanXpan Art
Managed by local business
Sales Process
Managed by PanXpan Art
Managed by PanXpan Art
Managed by PanXpan Art
Lease & Terms
Free for 90 days and then return or 12 month lease
Free for 90 days and then return or 12 month lease
Free indefinitely
Service Fee (one time)
$35 per artwork
$15 per artwork
Needed to Get Started
Pictures of wall space, art prefrences
Pictures of wall space, art preferences
Pictures of artwork, pricing preferences
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