User Feedback...

  • “...the amount of work and man hours it saves companies is probably invaluable. Data aggregation and analysis is always a difficult thing for larger companies and its nice to see that they have an alternative.”

    - Video game designer, Independent studio
  • “…a souped up excel with a lively interface!”

    - Web designer, SEO/SEM firm
  • “..this is a remarkable tool for sharing data with other members in the team and allowing it to be made visual and accessible quickly and easily.”

    - Scan coordinator, Grocery store chain
  • “I manage a team of twenty five finance analysts... You won't believe how many different formats of tables I get. It makes it hard to combine information. This program is a uniform database and table system. My employees will be able to have a standard set of tables and charts to work from.”

    - Finance manager, Finance company
  • “The software looks intuitive and simple to use but allows for very powerful things to be done.”

    - Software engineer, Large US corporation
We are based in sunny Los Angeles. Our roots stem from strategy consulting where we realized the value of business data in helping medium to large size companies research and understand their business performance. When working directly in client companies we noticed many internal decision makers want to research and understand their business through data but struggle to do so.
With our founding team's background in consulting, analytics and technology we developed our online platform of research modules. Users select various modules based on the type of research they would like to run. Each module requires specific data and then presents relevant graphs for users to review. This ability to automate research enables any team member to better understand and improve their business themselves.
PanXpan for Decision Makers
Browse our online platform for modules related to performance areas that you want to research further. Enter data yourself or request your IT or analytics teams to enter it for you. Share your files with other team members allowing them to research these performance areas as well.
PanXpan for Analysts
Identify types of research that are helpful or commonly requested by your team. Search PanXpan's online platform for these types of research. If a certain type of research is not available, contact us to have a custom module built. Better enable team members to run research themselves.
PanXpan for Professional Services Firms
Instead of sharing data with clients via periodically emailed spreadsheets or online reports, use our existing PanXpan modules. We can also create custom modules relevant to your client's exact research needs. Our modules guide them through the research process instead of them being forced to decipher the data themselves.
PanXpan for SAAS
If your online Software-as-a-Service platform has a reporting or analytics component, consider embedding relevant PanXpan modules into your reporting section. Allow your users to better research, understand and improve performance relevant to the data you capture. Contact us for more information.